Regulatory Guides on radiation safety (ST guides)

ST guides can be found in legal database Stuklex. Direct links to the guides are provided on this page. 

Stuklex ( to an external website is a legal database compiled from the essential regulation applied in Finland in the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s field of operation. ST guides in

NB! One of the changes included in the comprehensive revision of radiation legislation is that the ST Guides will be recommendatory in nature.

General guides

ST 1.1  Safety in radiation practices (pdf) 23.5.2013
ST 1.3  Warning signs for radiation sources (pdf) 9.12.2013
ST 1.4  Radiation user’s organization (pdf) 2.11.2011
ST 1.5  Exemption of radiation use from safety licensing (pdf) 12.9.2013
ST 1.6  Operational radiation safety (pdf) 10.12.2009
ST 1.7  Radiation protection training in health care (pdf) 10.12.2012
ST 1.8 Qualifications and radiation protection training of persons working in a radiation user’s organization (pdf) 25.1.2016
ST 1.9  Radiation practices and radiation measurements (pdf) 23.11.2016
ST 1.10 Design of rooms for radiation sources (pdf) 14.7.2011
ST 1.11 Security arrangements of radiation sources (pdf) 21.3.2017

Radiation therapy

ST 2.1  Safety in radiotherapy (pdf) 18.4.2011

Diagnostic radiology

ST 3.1  Dental X-ray examinations in health care (pdf) 13.6.2014
ST 3.3  X-ray examinations in health care (pdf) 8.12.2014
ST 3.8  Radiation safety in mammography examinations (pdf) 25.1.2013

Industry, research, education and commerce

ST 5.1  Radiation safety of sealed sources and equipment containing them (pdf) 13.9.2016
ST 5.2 Use of control and analytical X-ray apparatus (pdf) 26.9.2008
ST 5.3  Use of ionizing radiation in the teaching of physics and chemistry (pdf) 4.5.2007
ST 5.4  Trade in radiation sources (pdf) 14.6.2016
ST 5.6  Radiation safety in industrial radiography (pdf) 9.3.2012
ST 5.7  Shipments of radioactive waste and spent fuel (pdf) 6.6.2011
ST 5.8  Installation, repair and servicing of radiation appliances (pdf) 25.9.2015

Unsealed sources and radioactive wastes

ST 6.1  Radiation safety when using unsealed sources (pdf) 2.3.2016
ST 6.2  Radioactive waste and discharges from unsealed sources (pdf) 9.1.2017
ST 6.3  Radiation safety in nuclear medicine (pdf) 14.1.2013

Radiation doses and health surveillance

ST 7.1  Monitoring of radiation exposure (pdf) 14.8.2014
ST 7.2  Application of maximum values for radiation exposure and principles for the calculation of radiation doses (pdf) 8.8.2014
ST 7.3  Calculation of the dose caused by internal radiation (pdf) 13.6.2014
ST 7.4  The dose register and data reporting (pdf) 8.12.2014
ST 7.5  Medical surveillance of occupationally exposed workers (pdf) 13.6.2014

Veterinary medicine

ST 8.1  Radiation safety in veterinary x-ray examinations (pdf) 20.3.2012

Non-ionizing radiation

ST 9.1  Radiation safety requirements and regulatory control of tanning appliances (pdf not available) 11.12.2003
ST 9.2  Radiation safety of pulsed radars (pdf not available) 2.9.2003
ST 9.3  Radiation safety during work on masts at FM and TV stations (pdf not available)    2.9.2003
ST 9.4  Radiation safety of laser displays and shows (pdf) 30.4.2015

Natural radiation

ST 12.1 Radiation safety in practices causing exposure to natural radiation (pdf) 2.2.2011
ST 12.2 The radioactivity of buildingmaterials and ash (pdf) 17.10.2010
ST 12.4 Radiation safety in aviation​​​​​​​ (pdf) 1.11.2013