Periodic inspection programme of nuclear power plants 2023

Inspections included in the periodic inspection programme focus on safety management, operational main processes and procedures as well as the technical acceptability of systems. The compliance of safety assessments, operation, maintenance and protection activities with the requirements of nuclear safety regulations are verified with the inspections. No material deficiencies with an effect on the safety of the plant, the personnel or the environment were observed in the inspections of second third of 2023.

  Inspections in 2023
Basic programme Loviisa 1 and 2 Olkiluoto 1, 2 and 3
I&C technology x x
Disposal facilities x x
Chemistry x x
Mechanical technology    
Interim storage of spent nuclear fuel   x
Operating experience feedback   x
Operation   x
Plant maintenance x x
Organisation (previously Human resources and competence, Management and safety culture, Management system) x x
Fire protection   x
Utilisation of the PRA x  
Structures and buildings x  
Electrical technology x  
Radiation protection x x
Nuclear security x x
Safety design x x
Safety functions x x
Emergency response arrangements x x
Power plant waste   x
Annual outage x x
Nuclear safeguards x  
Special subjects    
Decontamination   x
Readiness for provisional takeover   x