Use of radiation was supervised in industry, research and the health sector

In 2022, we continued to develop various means of monitoring the radiation practices of industry, research and the health sector. We carried out supervision as projects focusing on different themes, the results of which we published as reports in the publication series of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK).


In the projects and their reports, we investigated, for example, the self-monitoring of industry and research, the use of Radiation Safety Experts in veterinary x-ray practices, operators storing sealed sources, methods for optimizing CT scans and the use of radiation in cardiological units. The use of radiation is safe in Finland. 

Positive effects of COVID-19

We continued STUK webinars, which were launched during the remote work period, for professionals who use radiation in their work in various fields. We are receiving good feedback from the webinars. 

The Industrial radiation and dose control unit organized three webinars for radiation users, and the first two of them were also recorded on STUK's YouTube channel:

  • Information for industry and research operators
  • Information for sealed source operators
  • Current information on the security arrangements of radiation sources.

We were also meeting again with the radiation users during inspections, conferences and seminars after the long COVID-19 break. We arranged a healthcare imaging conference for experts in the use of radiation and a radiotherapy physicists’ conference. We also continued our active international and domestic co-operation with various authorities, trade unions and organizations.

The social welfare and health care reform required a lot of work

The social welfare and health care reform that entered into force at the beginning of 2023 caused front-loaded pressure on STUK. In late 2022, the social welfare and health care reform caused significant congestion in the licence processing, as almost all operators of the public health care licensees changed from the beginning of 2023.

A change of operator always requires a prior licence amendment. The social welfare and health care reform concerned more than 400 safety licences. In addition to the operator changes related to the social welfare and health care reform, a number of safety licences were also revoked, as the new operator, the Wellbeing Services County, combined several previously separate safety licences into the one administrative licence.

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