Reporting on nuclear safety

Inspections at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant

STUK carries out inspections to oversee the operation and use of the Loviisa nuclear power plant. The periodic inspection programme covers safety management, main operational processes, procedures and technical acceptability of systems. 

STUK draws up a plan for the inspection, setting out the subject of the inspection and any preparatory actions required of the licence holder. The result of the inspection and the resulting requirements are set out in the inspection report.

Periodic inspections

Below are summaries of the inspections carried out by STUK in year 2024 in accordance with the periodic inspection programme for the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant.

Periodic inspection program Inspection carried out
Disposal facilities  
Chemistry  6.–7.2.2024, 9.2.2024
Mechanical technology  
Operation (OL3)  
Plant maintenance  
Utilisation of the PRA  
Structures and buildings  
Electrical technology  
Radiation protection 13.–14.2.2024
Management of power uprating project  
The impact of power control on the safe operation of plants  
Nuclear security 19.–21.3., 25.3.2024
Safety design  
Safety functions (OL1/OL2)  
Safety functions (OL3)  
Emergency response arrangements  
Annual outage (OL1/OL2)  
Annual outage (OL3)  
Preparing for annual outage (OL3) 9.–11.1.2024
Nuclear safeguards  

From tertial reports to continuous reporting

STUK has moved from tertial reports to continuous reporting of operational inspection programme. Summaries of the reports of the operational inspections for 2023 can be found in STUK's annual report on the regulatory oversight of the use of nuclear energy.