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The Loviisa22 rescue operations exercise in early December

Publication date 4.11.2022 14.35 | Published in English on 12.5.2023 at 15.25
Press release

A rescue operations exercise related to the Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant will be organised in Eastern Uusimaa on 1 December 2022. The Loviisa22 exercise is part of the ordinary preparedness for radiation hazard situations.

In addition to the staff of the Fortum power plant, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority and the City of Loviisa will also participate in the exercise, among others. The Eastern Uusimaa Emergency Services Department bears the main responsibility for the external emergency plan and the organisation of the exercise. A virtual practice environment is used in the communications, implemented by the department of media and communications at the University of Helsinki.

According to the Decree by the Ministry of the Interior, the external emergency plan of a nuclear power plant must be tested at least once every three years.

‘The rescue operations exercises organised at regular intervals are part of our everyday preparedness work,’ says leader of the exercise Santeri Pohjolainen from the Eastern Uusimaa Emergency Services Department. Within Eastern Uusimaa, such exercises are organised at the Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant and the Kilpilahti industrial area, for example.

Not visible to the general public

‘The average person in Loviisa is not likely to notice the exercise at all, because Loviisa22 is mainly an exercise for management, map manoeuvres, and communications,’ says Pohjolainen. The aim of the exercise is to test cooperation between the various participating parties, maintenance of the situation analysis, and conveying information, among other things.

‘The management of a city includes continuous practicing and maintenance of preparedness,’ says Mayor of Loviisa Jan D. Oker-Blom. Preparing for a wide range of threats is extremely important, as we unfortunately have witnessed in Europe. The position of Finland and Loviisa is good particularly because we invest in security, preparation, and prevention in good cooperation with various authorities.

The exercise simulates management of a long-term situation

The Loviisa22 exercise simulates a severe reactor accident and the related emissions into the environment.
‘Members of the preparedness organisation of the power plant will have a practical opportunity to practice the routines for arriving and leaving in a radiation accident, for example,’ says Head of Fortum Nuclear Security and Risk Management Juho Vanhanen. In addition to the technical management of the power plant, the exercise will cover the planning of the personnel resources in a long-term situation.

In addition to the preparedness organisation of the Loviisa power plant, a significant number of experts at the Fortum headquarters in Espoo will participate.

‘In recent years, we have developed extensive plans and preparedness actions in cooperation with the authorities. We are waiting eagerly for the exercise which tests our plans in practice,’ Vanhanen continues.

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority prepares for all kinds of radiation hazard situations, of which an extensive nuclear power plant accident would place significant burden on society in general.

‘The war in Ukraine proves the significance of preparing for even the less likely developments,’ says Principal Advisor Jukka Kupila from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.

At the same time with the Loviisa22 exercise, from 30 November to 1 December, the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland organises the KAAKKO22 preparedness exercise for municipalities and security authorities in Kymenlaakso and South Karelia. The main scenario of the KAAKKO22 exercise is related to civil defense, population transfer, and large-scale influxes of migrants. The scenario of the Loviisa22 exercise is also a part of the KAAKKO22 exercise. Separate information will be published on the KAAKKO22 exercise.

More information:

  • Eastern Uusimaa Emergency Services Department, leader of the exercise, Santeri Pohjolainen, 020 1111 400 (exchange), santeri.pohjolainen (at)
  • Fortum: Head of Nuclear Security and Risk Management Juho Vanhanen, juho.vanhanen (at)
  • City of Loviisa: Mayor Jan D. Oker-Blom, tel. +358 (0)40 551 7551, jan.d.oker-blom (at)
  • The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority: Principal Advisor Jukka Kupila, tel. +358 (0)9 7598 8323, jukka.kupila (at)
  • The KAAKKO22 exercise / The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland: Rescue Services Senior Inspector Sampsa Lintunen, +358 (0)295 016 649, pelastus.etela (at)