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Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland
Jokiniemenkuja 1, 01370 Vantaa
How to reach us

Switch board: +358 9 759 881

Director General Petteri Tiippana
Executive assistant Sari Julin

Contact our experts

For contacting our experts and giving feedback on our activities, we kindly request you to use the form what opened by click the link below.

Send us email

The official e-mail address of STUK's registry: [email protected]
​​​​​​​Personal e-mail addresses: [email protected]

Do not send any sensitive information by e-mail.

STUK's Securedmail ( enables you to send confidential information.

The price for calls

The price for calls to STUK is the local network fee or the mobile call fee charged by the caller's operator. When calling from abroad, the price is determined by the local operator.

Official information requests

Send your message to [email protected] or by using the web form. Please include your e-mail address if you are looking for a personal answer.

Please do not send messages containing any other types of personal data (e.g. personal identification number of other confidential information).

The information delivered in the form is directed to the processing system at STUK Registry.


Media contacts

Press service on weekdays between 8 a.m to 4.15 p.m, tel. +358 (0)10 850 4761 and E-mail to communications: [email protected].

    Head of Communications Piia Kaijanto, tel. +358 9 759 88 285
    Communication Specialist Risto Isaksson, tel. +358 9 759 88 208

Invoices to STUK must be sent as e-invoices:

E-billing address/Party Identifiations Number 003702458699
Operator ID Posti Messaging Oy/ FI28768767
Peppol e-invoicing address: 0216:003702458699
​​​​​​​VAT number FI02458699

If you are not able to send e-invoices, please use the below mentioned address for paper invoices.

P.O. Box 7096
01051 LASKUT