European collaboration

European research platforms are indispensable to the scientific basis of the radiation safety and research funding.

Radiation safety is a relatively narrow but multidisciplinary research field also in other European countries. In order to achieve the critical mass, various European countries have joined forces in research platforms. MELODI investigating the health risks of radiation, ALLIANCE for the environmental research, NERIS focusing on nuclear and radiological emergency response and recovery preparedness, as well as EURADOS developing radiation dosimetry, are the main research platforms in the field of the radiation safety research in Europe. The members of these platforms are national authorities, universities and research institutions.

The platforms are responsible for the strategic research agendas and defining research priorities, for the support to education and training, and for the maintenance and development of research infrastructures in their respective fields. The international networks play a key role in the research, funding for research, as well as the analysis of the technical-scientific knowledge. The participation by universities strenghtens the exploitation of the basic research within the radiation safety research.