Legislation and guides

This section contains the most important legislation, regulations, directives and international agreements for STUK's activities.

  • Stuklex (stuklex.fi) is a legal database compiled from the essential regulation applied in Finland in the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority’s field of operation.
  • Legislation issued in 1995 and after is available electronically in the National Legislation Database Finlex.fi. Most of the databases are only available in Finnish and Swedish.​​​​​​​

Regulatory and guidance service Sammio

Sammio (sammio.fi) is a regulatory and guidance service for radiation legislation. Requirements can be sought from different levels of legislation and from STUK's regulations.

Description of the structure of the regulations. Acts and decrees are legally binding. The regulations are STUK’s mandatory requirements and the regulatory guides are detailed technical requirements.


Radiation safety

Nuclear safety and nuclear liability


Pressure equipment, food products and transport