Calibrations, testing and irradiation of radiation meters

Radiation Act (859/2018) defines that radiation measurements must be performed with a method suitable for the purpose and proved reliable. The results of the measurements must be metrologically traceable to the International System of Units. The radiation meter or measuring instruments must be appropriately calibrated.

STUK provides calibration and testing services for dose and activity quantities of ionizing radiation. The purpose of the calibration is to enable reliable and internationally comparable radiation measurements in Finland. For this purpose, STUK maintains the necessary measurement standards.

Services offered

The most common meter type-specific services are presented below. The content of the service can be modified according to the usage of the meter and what kind of radiation need to be measured. Obviously, the measurement capability of the meter has to be taken into account. A certificate pursuant to ISO 17025 is provided for the services.

In calibration, the meter reading is compared to a reference level and the meter is assigned with a calibration coefficient that is recorded in the calibration certificate. The meter reading is multiplied by the calibration coefficient to give the actual measurement result. Please note that as a rule, we do not adjust the meters.

For meters intended for rescue operations and civil defence an inspection is usually sufficient.

The laboratory can also irradiate various components to the desired dose with different radiation qualities.

Measurements and tests can also be carried out at places of use of radiation.

The prices of the services are provided in STUK's Service price list.

Ordering and delivery of services

Services provided by the Radiation Metrology laboratory can be ordered by free-form email. The order must specify the following:

  • the service to be ordered (calibration/testing/irradiation, radiation quality, quantity or a brief explanation of the radiation or equipment to be measured with the meter)
  • customer’s contact information and invoicing information
  • meter delivery and return method (brought and picked up, sent by post/courier)
  • other relevant meter-related data

You can use this email to order:
[email protected]
Email link with order form: [email protected]

Please note that we do not usually adjust the meters.

The type and serial number of the meter must be identifiable and the meter must be in working order in accordance with the instructions for use.

The delivery time for calibration, inspection, testing and irradiation services is usually from one week to four weeks. A certificate or report is issued for the services (PDF). In addition, a sticker is affixed to the calibrated meter indicating the date of calibration and the number of the calibration certificate.

A fee is charged for the services according to STUK's valid service price list.

Delivery address for meters:
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
Radiation Metrology laboratory
Jokiniemenkuja 1
01370 Vantaa, Finland