Regulatory oversight of nuclear safety

Regulatory oversight of nuclear safety and security is based on the obligations and responsibilities set out in the Nuclear Energy Act (990/1987). The licensee must ensure safety, and STUK confirms through its regulatory oversight that the licensee assumes its responsibility.

The regulatory oversight is based on up-to-date guidelines, extensive inspection programmes and regularly performed safety reviews. The mission is to ensure that Finnish nuclear facilities are designed and operated in accordance with the relevant regulations, and that the operation does not cause radiation that is hazardous to the plant's employees or the public or damaging to the environment or property.

STUK monitors the technical operability of nuclear facilities, the activities of organizations as well as nuclear materials and nuclear waste. The targets monitored include operational events, yearly maintenance, ageing management, radiation safety, emergency and security arrangements as well as management and quality management systems. The most important goal in the regulatory oversight of nuclear power plants is to ensure that the reactor remains under control in all situations.