STUK supervises and develops Finland’s radiation safety in co-operation with domestic and foreign partners.

Important domestic partners include, for instance, different ministries: the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in matters related to health and environmental health, the Ministry of the Environment in matters related to the presence and transfer of radioactive substances, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in matters related to licensing and supervision of nuclear power plants.

In matters related emergency and radiation hazard preparedness, STUK’s cooperation partners include nearly all branches of state administration and ministries. STUK’s preparedness partners also include fire and rescue services and the police. There is cooperation with both national organisations and local fire, rescue and police departments that see to rescue activities in practice.

In addition, STUK cooperates in safety improvement with many private-sector operators, such as business life pools and producer organisations, for instance.

In its international cooperation, STUK seeks to affect and develop guidelines in order to improve safety globally, too. STUK’s important cooperation partners include the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA. Another important cooperation forum for STUK is the OECD countries’ nuclear safety organisation NEA.

STUK also participates actively in the European radiation and nuclear safety cooperation carried out under the European Union and the European Commission.

STUK’s Nordic cooperation is regular and it communicates with Nordic sister organisations almost daily.