Radon at workplaces

The employer is responsible for radon safety in the workplace, as for other occupational safety issues. The employer is responsible for radon measurements at the workplace, even if the workplace operates in rented premises. Radon repairs are agreed between the employer and the owner of the property.

The main goal of radon regulation is that no worker in Finland is excessively exposed to radioactive radon gas that may cause lung cancer. Radon regulation contributes to ensuring that any measures that are potentially needed at workplaces are scaled appropriately and taken sufficiently quickly. The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) supervises the radon concentrations at workplaces.

STUK's electronic service for employers

If the radon measurement has been ordered from a private radon measurement company, the employer must notify STUK immediately of the radon measurement results. The measurements ordered from STUK don't have to be notified. 
Report the results  via STUK's electronic service (STUK eGovernance) 

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