Supervision of beauty care and solarium services  

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority supervises the use of radiation in beauty care and solarium services, but the responsibility for the safety of the services is always solely on the service provider.  

Supervision of beauty care services  

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) does not supervise the use of non-ionizing radiation for cosmetic purposes when exposure takes place in a healthcare unit. The regulations and restrictions on the use of radiation described on this page apply only to cosmetic services.  

Supervision is mainly carried out based on technical documentation available of the equipment being used by beauty salons. By means of a request for clarification, STUK asks the operator for information on the equipment and its technical characteristics. Based on the characteristics of the equipment, STUK assesses the exposure of the customer undergoing a treatment and the safety of the treatment. If a beauty care device is found to be too powerful for beauty salon use, it may be banned from further use. However, the primary aim is usually to determine whether it is possible to bring the use of the device into compliance, for example by means of additional instructions. The safety of a device can also sometimes be improved by technical modifications.  

If necessary, STUK may also carry out onsite inspections and measure the radiation emitted by the devices.  

Supervision of solarium services  

The use of sunbeds is prohibited for children under 18 years of age. In addition, according to the Radiation Act, each sunbed site shall have a designated responsible person who is always present when the sunbed equipment is used. Thus, unsupervised sunbeds are illegal in Finland.  

The operator is responsible for the safe use of sunbeds. The sunbed devices shall be placed or arranged so that the customer cannot use the sunbed device without being noticed by the staff. This provision applies to all sunbed sites, including swimming pools and fitness centres. At the site, the presence of a person at least 18 years of age appointed by the operator and duly trained is required. Where necessary, this person will verify the age of the young person and ensure that a customer under the age of 18 years cannot use the sunbed device.  

 The operator shall ensure that the operating and radiation safety instructions of the device are in the immediate vicinity of the sunbed devices. The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority's (STUK) poster ‘The age limit for the sunbed is 18 years’ covers instructions related to radiation safety. Notwithstanding the written instructions, the responsible person should instruct the customer on the correct and safe use of the sunbed device, particularly during the first session.  

Provisions on the prevention of adverse health effects caused by sunbed services are laid down in the Radiation Act. Commercial sunbed services shall not be provided in a manner that causes adverse health effects, and sunbed devices shall remain within the limits of the maximum UV radiation values for a sunbed specified in the STUK regulation. It is the duty of the operator to ensure that the customer protects their eyes during the use of the sunbed and that eye protectors are available at the site.  

 STUK monitors the safety of sunbed devices and their use under the Radiation Act. The main form of monitoring consists of site inspections, which may be carried out in a random manner without prior notification.  

Sunbed inspections by municipal health protection authorities  
Municipal health protection authorities may carry out sunbed inspections during monitoring visits under the Health Protection Act. The health protection authorities will submit the inspection information to STUK for a decision on potential further measures. 
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