Operation of a nuclear facility 

When the nuclear facility is completed, the facility still has to apply for an operating permit from the Government. The operating permit is granted for a limited period of time, and its extension requires a safety assessment. 

Operating licence 

The operating licence for a nuclear facility is applied for from the Government. The conditions for granting an operating licence are set out in the Nuclear Energy Act (990/1987). STUK provides a statement on the application for an operating licence. In the safety assessment attached to the statement STUK the requirements provided in legislation are met with regard to matters that fall within the scope of STUK’s purview. When preparing the statement, STUK requests the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety and, if necessary, other specialist organisations to provide statements on the assessment. 

In Finland, the licence to operate a nuclear facility is always granted on a fixed-term basis. When considering the length of the licence’s validity, special attention is given to ensuring safety and the estimated duration of the operations. STUK may interrupt the operation of a nuclear power plant if so required in order to ensure safety. 

Periodic safety reviews 

The renewal of the operating licence always involves the same assessment than a periodic safety review of the facility. In the event that a licence to operate the nuclear power plant is granted for a term longer than ten years the licensee shall carry out a periodic safety review. STUK assess in the periodic safety review the condition of the facility, paying particular attention to the ageing management of the components, systems and structures. In STUK's assessment, the licensee’s organizational capabilities to continue safe operation of the facility is also assessed. 

STUK's statements and safety assessments can be found on the Finnish page.