PCXMC - A Monte Carlo program for calculating patient doses in medical x-ray examinations

PCXMC is a computer program for calculating patients' organ doses and effective doses in medical x-ray examinations (radiography and fluoroscopy). 

The program calculates the effective dose with both the present tissue weighting factors of ICRP Publication 103 (2007) and the old tissue weighting factors of ICRP Publication 60 (1991). The anatomical data are based on the mathematical hermaphrodite phantom models of Cristy and Eckerman (1987), and the sizes are adjustable to mimic patients of arbitrary weight and height.

Calculated organ doses can be used for the assessment of cancer risk resulting from the radiation exposure. The risk estimates are based on the models of the BEIR VII committee (BEIR 2006).
The program is based on the Monte Carlo method, it is simple to use, and the graphic displays enables visual checking of proper examination conditions.

PCXMC 2.0 is delivered together with a rotation geometry-based user interface (PCXMC20Rotation).

PCXMC has been developed at STUK (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland). It is available at a price of 800 EUR per licence (VAT not included). A reduced price is available for a purchase of five or more licences. Reduced price is not applied for retailers. Please note that purchase by credit card is not available. 

The program is either delivered as a download link or a CD sent via mail. Only limited PCXMC software support is available.


Please send an e-mail to address [email protected] with the following information:

  • Quantity of licences
  • Name
  • Institute/Organization name + homepage address (if applicable)
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Physical mail address
  • Invoicing address and a reference code if needed
  • VAT Registration number (for customers inside EU)
  • Preferred delivery method: download link / CD via maillink / CD via mail

PCXMC guidance

Excel spreadsheet applications

The Excel-applications are provided for PCXMC 2.0 users without any additional cost. To use these applications, the installation of PCXMC 2.0 and PCXMC20Rotation is required in your PC. Please note that these applications are compliant with 32-bit Excel versions (unofficial 64-bit versions of the Excel applications can be provided). The Excel applications allow you to:

  • define the examination parameters directly in Excel
  • calculate the doses and obtain the results directly in Excel
  • add any further processing of the data in Excel.
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