Radon mitigation

Radon mitigation can easily reduce radon concentration in indoor air. The most effective mitigation methods are sub-slab suction and a radon well. Before starting the mitigation, it is important to check that the ventilation is working well enough, as poorly functioning ventilation increases the radon concentration. Sealing can also reduce radon concentration, but it can be very challenging to carry out, especially in wooden houses. 

More detailed information on radon mitigation can be found in the radon mitigation guide:  Asuntojen radonkorjaaminen (Radon mitigation of dwellings, in Finnish only) (Julkari.fi). The guide is suitable for planning radon mitigation for all buildings. More detailed instructions are also provided by the municipal building supervision.

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When deciding on radon mitigation, it is advisable to do it on the basis of reliable radon measurements that have lasted at least two months. Shorter radon measurements are affected by random variation in radon concentrations due to weather fluctuations.

You can ask about radon mitigation from HVAC stores and companies that carry out radon mitigation.

Companies offering radon mitigation services (stuk.fi, in Finnish only).  

Finally, the success of the mitigation is checked with a new alpha track detector measurement that is at least two months long and carried out during the measurement period, i.e. between September and May.

Methods for radon mitigation

Radon mitigation of other buildings

Do you have questions about radon mitigation?

In matters relating to radon mitigation in dwellings, please first contact the mitigation companies, municipal building control or health protection authority.

In matters relating to radon mitigation at workplaces, please contact mitigation companies first.

Companies offering radon mitigation services

STUK does not comment on the qualifications of the companies on the list or the quality of their services. STUK is not responsible for the accuracy of the contact information or the completeness of the list. The companies' brochures and websites may contain outdated or incorrect information.

The list of companies offering radon mitigation (stuk.fi, in Finnish only)

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