Equality and non-discrimination

The Equality Act and the Non-Discrimination Act require employers to systematically promote non-discrimination and gender equality and to draw up a workplace-specific equality plan and a non-discrimination plan.

Equality is not only about gender, but also about equality between different age groups, occupational groups and organisational units. STUK's Equality and Non-discrimination Plan is a personnel policy plan that seeks to ensure equal placement of personnel in various positions, equal opportunities for career advancement, the implementation of the equal pay principle in practical pay policy and the realisation and promotion of equality and non-discrimination in all activities.

Supervisors play a key role in the development of an equal organizational culture that emphasises the appreciation and cooperation of all, but each employee should also promote equality through their own actions. STUK’s management is responsible for ensuring that the planning, decision-making and other activities concerning STUK's personnel and operations comply with the decrees and regulations that seek to ensure and promote equality and non-discrimination.

STUK's Equality and Non-discrimination Plan was updated in 2021 in a Collaborative Working Group and was approved by STUK's Management Board in January 2022.

Promotion of equality in STUK's operations as an authority and expert organisation STUK promotes equality and non-discrimination in all its practices and does not accept any kind of discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, nationality, language, gender, sexual orientation, religion, opinion, state of health, disability, age, family relations, political or trade union activities, or any other comparable factor.

STUK’s Equality and Non-discrimination Plan is available on STUK’s Finnish-language website.