Radioactivity in outdoor air

STUK monitors the levels of radioactive substances outdoors at eight localities in Finland. You can retrieve measurement data from different periods by first selecting the location.

The measurements are very accurate and the concentrations detected can be very low, with negligible environmental impact. The origin of such observations is not always clear. There are many possible sources and substances can originate from very far away.

If a detection is suspected to originate from an event that may be relevant to human safety or the environment, STUK will initiate an active information campaign.

When looking for measurement results by location, it should be noted that the measurement point in the Helsinki metropolitan area has moved from Helsinki to Vantaa from the beginning of May 2022. Until the end of April 2022, you can apply for measurement results by selecting Helsinki from the list of cities below. From May 2022, the results will be available in Vantaa.