Planning and monitoring

The content of this page is provided by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK). For information on the planning and monitoring of STUK’s performance management, please see the documents below.

The documents are grouped into performance management documents and other planning and monitoring documents. The performance guidance documents are further divided into plans and monitoring data. The other planning and monitoring documents are either plans, evaluations and reports or miscellaneous documents.

The key plans of performance management by the Government are the performance agreements and the budget approved by the Parliament. Of the monitoring data, the most important are the financial statements, especially the associated annual report and the statement issued by the Ministry on the financial statements and the annual report.

STUK's strategy also plays an important role in directing STUK’s operations.

Check the documents of other agencies on the website, section “Agencies’ planning and monitoring documents.

Performance management documents

The performance agreement is an agreement between STUK and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on the operational objectives for the coming year within the framework of the appropriations granted.

You can find the performance management documents on our Finnish-language website.


In 2022, STUK’s operating expenses were EUR 40.2 million. About 42 pro cents (16.9 million) of the funding came from the taxpayers via the government budget. Almost one half (20.7 million) of the operating expenses was collected by STUK as regulatory oversight fees, of which 19.9 million came from the regulatory oversight of nuclear energy use and the rest from the control of radiation activities.