Obligation to report exposure to natural radiation

Industrial practices which cause exposure to natural radiation and in which the exposure caused by natural radiation may be higher than the reference level have the obligation to investigate the exposure to natural radiation. The party responsible for the operations must report to STUK the radiation exposure caused by the operations to the employees and the public. Based on the report, it will be ensured that the occupational and public exposure to natural radiation is lower than the reference levels. 

If necessary, exposure should be limited.

  • The reference level for occupational exposure to natural radiation (other than radon or cosmic radiation) is 1 millisievert (mSv) per year.
  • The reference level for public exposure to natural radiation other than radon or cosmic radiation is 0.1 mSv per year.

If exposure below the reference levels is not possible despite the restrictive measures, a safety licence for the operation must be applied for from STUK.

Read more about the safety licence (stuk.fi).

Exposure to natural radiation – investigation obligation

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