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STUK supervises the nuclear power plants during and between the annual maintenance

Publication date 5.3.2024 15.02 | Published in English on 5.3.2024 at 15.56
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The use of Olkiluoto nuclear power plant's third unit has been safe during the operating period before its first annual maintenance, writes oversight manager Essi Vanhanen in a blog post published on the website of the Radiation Safety Authority (STUK).

Teollisuuden voima (TVO) began the first annual maintenance of its newest power plant unit, OL3, on Saturday, the second day of March. During the maintenance, STUK monitors the work on site in Olkiluoto. Even before the maintenance, STUK reviewed the safety plans made by TVO.

According to TVO, the annual maintenance takes 37 days. After it, TVO can start the plant when STUK has granted a start-up permit. After the annual maintenance, STUK prepares a summary of the supervision and publishes it on STUK's website.