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TraMeXI: Accuracy for medical X-ray imaging dosimetry

Publication date 27.2.2024 9.45 | Published in English on 27.2.2024 at 10.01
Press release

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland coordinates the 22NRM01 TraMeXI (Traceability in medical X-ray imaging dosimetry) project supported by the European Union. The aim of the project is to update existing and develop new calibration and measurement methods to ensure the reliability of patients' radiation exposure measurements.

The health benefits of using radiation in a patient's medical examinations and treatments must always be greater than the detriment caused by the radiation. Compliance with the principle is based on knowing the radiation dose caused by the procedure and the risks associated with radiation exposure.

Although patients do not have to worry about radiation from X-ray examinations, there is still room for improvement in radiation dosimetry methods. Measurement results are not always comparable.

According to Principal Advisor Paula Toroi from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), the aim of the TraMeXI project is to develop harmonised calibration and measurement procedures for the radiation meters.

"The final goal is that the results of the project can be integrated with international standards and guidelines," says Toroi. "When this goal is achieved, we can be more certain that the radiation dose has been measured reliably, regardless of which examinations the X-rays were used for or which equipment was used for the examination. It will be possible to directly compare the radiation dose of an examination conducted in Helsinki with that of an examination conducted in Oulu or Madrid, for example."

The TraMeXI project involves eleven metrology institutes and three hospitals from a total of eleven countries. The project started in June 2023 and will end at the end of May 2026.


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