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STUK supports EU in assessing the radiation situation in Ukraine

Publication date 16.3.2022 9.55 | Published in English on 17.5.2023 at 12.13
Press release

On Monday, 14 March, an expert from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) started working at the EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre. STUK’s expert maintains the situational awareness of the radiation situation in Ukraine.

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The war in Ukraine has raised concerns about the safety of the country's nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities. Due to the situation, the Emergency Response Coordination Centre of the European Union (ERCC) and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) have agreed, through the Ministry of the Interior, on expert assistance. The Centre does not employ a radiation safety expert on a permanent basis.

The task of STUK's expert takes approximately two weeks at the first stage. The expert will work in the ERCC's Situational Awareness Team and is tasked with creating a situational picture of the radiation and nuclear safety situation in Ukraine. STUK is prepared to continue its expert assistance at least until the end of April.

The ERCC is the heart of the Civil Protection Mechanism. It ensures the fast deployment of emergency support and acts as a coordination hub between all EU Member States.

In addition to ERRC's expert assistance, STUK also provides equipment assistance to Ukraine. STUK donates, for example, electronic dosemeters for the measurement of individual doses to Ukraine. The Ministry of the Interior also procures dose rate meters from STUK to be sent to Ukraine, which are used for measuring environmental radiation.

In Finland, assistance provided through the Civil Protection Mechanism is coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior.

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